3 Unique Styles with Fake Lashes

Eye makeup is probably the most interesting part of the makeup routine – there are so many options of what you can do! In this article, we want to discuss three of the most unique and stunning styles you can use your fake eyelashes!

Thicker in the outer corner

For this look, you will need some separate bunches of eyelashes (instead of the row sets). Take one bunch and place it right in the corner of the upper eyelash line, then add more bunches. Make sure that the corner is very dense with lashes, while distributing less to the center of the lash line. From the middle of the line, don’t use any more fake lashes. Finish your look with a layer of mascara.

Fluffy eyelashes

Look like iconic Bratz dolls with this fluffy eyelash style. It’s much easier to do than the previous look; you will only need a set of fluffy lashes, just like this one. However, you need to be careful with such lashes. First of all, brush them and make sure they’re facing the right way and not tangled. Then, try to wear them as carefully as possible, so that they wouldn’t irritate your eyes.

Different length lashes

One other trend for fake lashes this year is lashes of different length. It’s a bit similar to the first style, but the lashes just repeat a certain order of short and long bunches. For this look, we recommend this 3D Volume Mink Eyelashes Set or this set of 5 pairs of 15-25 mm 3D Cross Eyelashes. You can also be more creative with your eyeliner, so as to create an even more interesting look.

These are three of the most tending and unique styles with fake lashes. Here you can find even more tools and accessories for eye makeup to complete these looks!

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