How to Contour and Highlight Your Face

Contouring and highlighting are important steps in a full-on makeup; you can’t skip them. Although, they are rather different steps, and not everybody can do it correctly, especially so if you’re new to the whole makeup world. But don’t fret – it’s easy to learn! In this article, we will tell you how to contour and highlight your face in a few easy steps!


Just like with all makeup routine, you need to prepare what you will use in advance. But with contouring/highlighting, you also need to consider the lighting. It’s better to do it with natural light instead of a lamp, although circular mirror with LED lights will also work well.

What’s more, you need to select the right brush for your contouring product. The best option is to get a flat or small makeup brush; you can find them in one of the brushes sets.


Surely, contouring and highlighting presupposes the contrast of darker and lighter shades, but you need to choose them carefully, too. Make sure that the shades match each other in warmness/coldness, as well as it corresponds to your skin type. Here’s a great contouring pen with perfectly matching colors.


Finally, you need to put the makeup onto the right features of your face, so as to make them more defined.

Put the darker shade onto your cheekbones, and then apply the lighter shade a bit above it. To find the best spot, suck in your cheeks – the hollow part there is where you need to put the darker color. Trace your hairline with the darker shade towards the temples, while put the lighter one on your forehead. The darker shade goes on the sides of your nose, while the lighter – onto the tip. Put the darker color on the edge of your chin and jaw, and the lighter – under your lips.

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